Why people come to lawyers; The true purpose of law; The lawyer’s role as a citizen; The lawyer’s obligation to his client; Dealing with publicity and fame; Within the boundaries of good taste and judgement; “Ringing the bells”; Why to always defend “the little guy”; Recognizing the right causes; The ethics of self-promotion; Balancing flamboyance and legal acumen; Advantages of membership in legal groups; The lawyer’s role in community service; When to decline a case because of bad ethics; When ethics supersedes profit; Dealing with ethics boards; The value of good media relations; Ethics of the attorney-client relationship; Unethical things a lawyer should never do; Ethical traps to be aware of; Ethics and legal malpractice; How a lawyer can best serve the legal profession; The flowering of American jurisprudence; and more.

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An extraordinary legal legacy of
Digitally remastered on DVDs in 2004
Ten 50-minute documentaries

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